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Recovery Infusion Menu

The Quickie

Quick hit of wellness for those on the go

500ml of electrolyte solution

12 Essential Vitamins

The Foundation

Energy Boost, Rehydration, General Recovery

1 litre of Electrolyte Solution and 12 Essential Vitamins

Immune Booster

Getting over illness, Preventing Illness, Detox

The Foundation plus 2g high-dose Vitamin C and 4mg Zinc. 500ml or 1000ml

Muscle Magic

Post work-out, Aching muscles, Cramping

The Foundation plus 2g Magnesium and 4mg Zinc

The Whole Enchilada

Recovery, illness prevention and muscle maintenance.

The Foundation plus 2g Vitamin C, 2g Magnesium, 4mg Zinc

I have used Mainline on several occasions, proactively and reactively, with consistently positive results. In a profession where it is costly to be unwell, Mainline has helped keep me in prime health.

Mike K. Lawyer


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